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Midtown West


Midtown West runs from one southern end of Central Park up to 34th Street and from West Side Highway to the 5th Avenue West. Midtown West is the center for all business activities and has so much to offer from shopping, entertainment to tourism. There is much to do and keep you busy that it is hard to keep off this place for over a week.

Clinton and Hell’s Kitchen make up Midtown West. This pleasant and lively residential territory was once a drained out neighborhood. This close knit place has everyone knowing each other making Midtown West very special. One can find wide nationality here from Central Americans to Yuppies to Irish Immigrants who dominated this central last through 80’s.

There have been many recent changes such as Theatre Row, sandwiched between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue, getting a solid makeover due to great demand in theatre for the last few years. It is not surprising to note new galleries mushrooming along Kenneth Cole and Prada shifting their headquarters nearby. And for the fun lovers, Ninth Avenue offers the best with chic bars, shops and restaurants.

Midtown West makes an excellent tourists’ spot with Times Square Theatre and Rockefeller Center apart from convenient transportation hubs such as the Long Island/ Pennsylania Rail Road stations, New Jersey Bus Terminal and of course Port Authority of New York. This tourist friendly spot attracts thousands of travelers and immigrants all over the globe.

Unless you stay directly under the shelter of Times Square, your mortgage or your rent can keep your worry free. On the other side there is judicial usage of space. Midtown West comprises of around four to five storied buildings that is space constrained and has mediocre aesthetics as the Downtown hi-rises or the Upper West Side Brownstones.

West Midtown vibrates with lots of energy when compared Eastern and Western sides of Manhattan. One can find New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers clash, legends arise and dreams fashioned to reality. The Garment Center and the Convention Center, inaugurated byJacob K. Javits, in 1986 adds to increased congestion.

Eighth Avenue East is Midtown West’s Commercial hub while on the West side of Eighth Avenue offers more of residential houses, widely called as Clinton. Eastern side Eighth Avenue offers good numbers of sophisticated housing. Overall, Midtown West has undergone major changes in the last three to four decades.
Some of the best restaurants can be found at 21 Club at West 52nd Street, Alaine Ducase at Essex House Hotel, Aquivit, Asiate at Columbus Place, Bryant Park Grill at 40th Street, Chez Napoleon at 50th Street, Hudson Bars at 58th Street, Hudson Cafeteria at 58th street, Joe’s Shangai, Michael’s, The Burger Joint and db Bistro Moderne.

Some of the best Arts and Entertainment can be found at American Folk Art Museum, Bryant Park, Carnegie Hall, and International Center for Photography, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Television, and Radio City Music Hall.

This bustling neighborhood offers loads of fun and entertainment for the nocturnal. There are also many good hotels for all. Overall a great neighborhood with activities all through.

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