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Murray Hill


Manhattan’s Murray Hill is located between 34th Street and 42nd Street and between East River and Madison. Before considering different Murray Hill apartment rentals, you should know the merits and the demerits of living in the neighborhood so that you can make an informed decision. One reason you should consider Murray Hill apartments is that most of the buildings are pre-war and this means they have a lot of charm. The old pre-war buildings are intermingled with modern luxury buildings that have great amenities. This means that most of the no fee rentals in Murray Hill are expensive.

Murray Hill is in the middle of the East Side and this means that if you have a rent apartment in Murray Hill, you have access to downtown Manhattan and to other neighborhoods in the city. Although the 6 Train is your only option while in Murray Hill, there are many buses that run regularly through the neighborhood. Another reason you should consider NYC apartment rentals in Murray Hill is that Murray Hill has several middle schools and high schools. One of the top schools in P.S. 116, which has some of the highest scores in the city, and others are Murray Hill is Junior High School and Norman Thomas High School.

Although Murray Hill has a good nightlife, if what you are after is something slightly bizarre, ultra trendy, or hardcore, you should search for NYC apartments elsewhere. Most of the bars and the restaurants are located on Third Avenue and most of the bars are sports bar, dark mini-clubs, and Irish American bars. Murray Hill has about 20,000 inhabitants and you will find anything you want. The neighborhood has places you can eat Japanese breakfast made of raw eggs and fish, it has places you can swim on rooftops and it has places where you can buy birthday cards. In addition to that, it has places you can throw private parties, it has several consulates, it has health clubs in basements, it has Indian restaurants, it has persistent street urchins, you can get fresh-baked bread, and it has everything else that makes New York the great place that it is.

Murray Hill does not have much to offer in terms of attractions. This means there is no much tourist activity in the neighborhood. However, you should consider Manhattan apartments here because the small number of visitors and the fact that Murray Hill is in the Luxurious East End means crime rate is relatively low. One of the few sources of foreigners in Murray Hill is the United Nations. UN missions that have their headquarters in Murray Hill include Afghanistan, People's Republic of China, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iran, India, Romania, Namibia, Armenia, Austria, and several others.

If you want to buy Murray Hill real estate, note that most of the Gilded Age palaces and town houses are gone. Most of them are in the historic district, which was established in 2002, and they are very expensive. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Murray Hill, your best bet is buying Condo rentals. There are only a few cooperative buildings, meaning coop sales NYC is not an option.

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