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Harlem is located on the Westside of East River and Fifth Avenue stretching itself far from North Central Park, 110th Street to 115th Street. Harlem has been the center for dramatic fluctuations in economy with major population shifts.

This neighborhood has seen the foremost Harlem Renaissance, which is the cultural significance among the American Black Community during the years between 1920 and 1930. The end of 20th century witnessed a major boom in real estate and buildings. New constructions mushroomed rapidly ranging in different sizes and styles. Lofts, studios and luxury condos formed major form of building. One could see the most traditional and original form of townhouses in Harlem of New York City.

Harlem offers gateway to shoppers with an appetite for good shopping experience. There are numerous shops on the 125th street. Marcus Garvey Park offers almost twenty acres of pure play space which makes an ideal evening out for the family with kids and sports practices for the grown-ups. Another one, Central Park offers interesting playground and evening out for all. For art lovers and concert seekers, 120th and 124th streets offers right note on these. Some of the iconic spots such as the Apollo theatre has global presence and is visited by patrons all over the world. There has been a tremendous increase in the population of “Greater Harlem” since the year 2000 according to a report published recently in New York Times.

This is linked with former U.S President Bill Clinton shifting his office to Harlem in 2001. This reported boom has been the most ever since 1940s. The refreshingly new set of population at Harlem enjoys the history, culture, surroundings and dazzlingly beautiful homes and put to use the vast potential for growth.  

Some of the Subways include A, B, C and D for West Harlem, 2 or 3 for Central Harlem and 6 for East Harlem, There are lots of centers for recreation, restaurants for food lovers, parks and access spots for diversified groups who love this neighborhood. Africa Kine Restaurant, Amy Ruth’s Home Style Southern Cuisine, A taste of Seafood, Amor Cubano, Chez Lucinenne, Harlem Native, Fishers of men and Zoma are some of the famous restaurants.

Apollo theatre, Dance theatre of Harlem, Boy choir of Harlem, Studio Museum in Harlem and uptown dance academy offer some of the finest art and recreation experience. Harlem Flophouse and Mount Morris house are the names of hotels in Harlem the most sought after. Harlem offers one of the finest neighborhood and one could not ask for more!

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