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Greenwich Village


If you are looking for apartment for sale in Greenwich Village or simply NYC apartment rentals or condo rentals in the Village, it is important that you know what to expect in the neighborhood. This will help you make an informed decision. Greenwich Village is a is made up of elegant 19th Century mid-rises, walk-ups, and row houses and this ahs made the village a New York City Historic District.

Greenwich Village is an iconic neighborhood and it runs from Bowery to 7th Avenue and from Houston Street to 14th Street. One reason you should consider Greenwich Village apartments is the fact that this is one of the most vibrant parts of Manhattan. The neighborhood is so vibrant that over the years, it has been the cultural home of many NYC movements.

Although the neighborhood has lost some of its gentrification, it is still home to several record stores, funky joints, jazz clubs, live music theaters, and one-of-a-kind restaurants such as Mario Batali and several brick-oven pizzerias. The village has been re-energized by the construction of new Greenwich Village apartment rentals. Most of the apartment rentals in the area are no fee rentals. An impressive number of apartment rentals in the Village are LEED certified.

You should consider getting a rent apartment in Greenwich Village if you like the old pre-war buildings. This is because development is controlled. Even during a renovation, developers are required to preserve the buildings’ aesthetics and their main facade. The preservation has been due to the aggressive lobbying or GVSHP, or the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. If you live in the Village, you will be a neighbor to actress Julianne Moore and Uma Thurman, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anderson Cooper, a CNN anchor, President Bush’s daughter and many other celebrities.

You should consider living in the Village if you are in the New York University since the primary campus is located here. Other varsities are the New School for Design, Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. The Village has two elementary schools, but no high school. The Village is well connected to the rest of Manhattan through the subway system and through public buses.

One disadvantage of living in Greenwich Village is that it is easy to get lost and it is difficult to give directions. This is because all areas that are west of Greenwich Avenue have a haphazard pattern. The grid pattern characteristic of Manhattan only started being used in 1811 following the Commissioners Plan. Some of these streets are narrow and some have odd angles. Another reason it is difficult to give visitors directions is that some of the streets still have names instead of numbers.

These include Amity Street, Herring Street, and Factory Street. Even the numbered streets do not follow the normal grid pattern. Greenwich Village real estate does not come cheap. When searching for Manhattan apartments to buy, you should consider coop sales NYC. The high cost is due to the high demand for NYC apartments in the area.

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