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Manhattan is a great place to live if you want to get that ‘New Yorker’ feeling. There are many neighborhoods in the borough and as you consider different NYC apartments, you should consider the pros and the cons of living in different neighborhoods. Gramercy Park is a neighborhood in the borough. The neighborhood gets its name from Gramercy Park and it is focused around this park. This is a private park and it lies between East 20th Street and 21st Street.

One reason you should consider Gramercy Park apartments is the fact that it is one of the most accessible, elegant and luxurious residential neighborhoods in Manhattan. One of the major subway stations in Manhattan, the Union Square, is just a walking distance from the neighborhood. The neighborhood is characterized by tree-lined streets and beautiful pre-war architecture. You should consider Gramercy Park apartment rentals if you want to feel like a true New Yorker.

Another reason you should consider getting a rent apartment in Gramercy Park is the fact that Gramercy Park is safer than most areas in NYC. It is also generally quieter. This is partly because the main feature in the area, Gramercy Park, is only accessible to those who are willing to pay. This reduces the number of people who wish to be around the area during the day. The park was the idea of Samuel B. Ruggles. You should consider Manhattan apartments in Gramercy Park because there are several famous establishments in the neighborhood. These include the National Arts Club, The Players Club, the birthplace of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, and several other establishments and landmarks.

You should consider apartment or condo rentals in the neighborhood if you want to enjoy the private park. Gramercy Park is the only privately owned park in Manhattan, the nearest on is Sunnyside Gardens Park in the NYC borough of Queens. The importance of a private park cannot be overemphasized. You get to enjoy the benefits of a park such as walking your dog and playing with your kids without the disadvantages of public parks such as muggings and littered parks. Keys to the park are only given to residents of about forty select buildings – currently, there are only about 400 keys. You should consider living in the neighborhood if you are in the School of Visual Arts, which is found in the neighborhood. Gramercy Park also has dormitories such as George Washington Dormitory, Gramercy Park Women's Residence, and several others.

 There are several NYC apartment rentals in Gramercy Park and most of them are no fee rentals. There are several co-ops in the neighborhood such as Gramercy Park East. This means you can get a house through Coop Sales NYC. However, there has been a steady increase in property value in the neighborhood, even with the national downward trend in the country occasioned by the foreclosure crises. This means it is almost impossible to get a cheap apartment for sale in Gramercy Park. When considering Gramercy Park real estate, you should be prepared to other problems such as limited parking spaces and some noise and air pollution.

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