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Chelsea / Flatiron


Chelsea apartments are widely sought after by all kinds of people in different professions. They are some of the most recognized and they offer their clients a service like no other. Chelsea apartment rentals will be found in their convenient location, which is right north of Greenwich Village. The Manhattan apartments are located in a place with a wealth of features that makes life as spicy as can be. This is also one of those apartments that have Hudson River as a border. These apartments were upgraded to meet the needs of residents accordingly. The 30-acre area houses all needed amenities that will make it one of the best areas to live in New York.

Those who rent an apartment in Chelsea have a lot to look forward to including the sporting Piers. Apart from this, the entertainment complex in place will definitely serve a crucial role to provide the needed winding facilities for busy residents. Those who appreciate galleries will be glad to know that some of the old facilities like car washes have been recreated into enticing galleries that are bursting with life and creativity in the Chelsea real estate. More and more people settle here just because of this and the inspiration never dies. Great potential is being tapped in this neighborhood.  

At Ninth Avenue, people can visit the Chelsea market that serves all the needs of customers. This busy market has provided the right platform for traders to converge and put out their wares to the public over the years. This market is an asset for the area and without a doubt, it is an attraction that draws all kinds of people and tourists to come and enjoy the culture and products of New York City. Other attractions near the NYC apartment rentals include high-end clubs and joints. They are areas where people can relax with their drinks without any hassles. The restaurants in Chelsea also serve all kinds of delicacies and provide cultural escape, which is satisfying.

Those who enjoy discount stores will be spoilt for choice in the Chelsea neighborhood as they visit places like Bed Bath & Beyond, Barney’s warehouse and many others. These are the real destinations to get incredible discounts that will make all the difference and help residents of the neighborhood save their money. Like many NYC apartments, these ones will come in varieties that range from townhouses to lofts, brownstones and apartment buildings. The warehouses have been transformed into attractive lofts that will serve the need of those who reside there. The choices are endless and this will also allow people to get what will fit their budget most.

All who are interested in the outstanding Chelsea apartments will need to beat the competition by searching only those listings that will provide good results. It is important to visit good online platforms for good listings that offer comprehensive information no matter where you are located. There is great Chelsea real estate to take advantage of and keeping abreast with information will help. No matter what people are looking for including condominium rentals in Chelsea, make sure to get accurate information on the property. The prices and terms will also play a major role in making the decision.


      Flatiron District:

One of New York’s historically exclusive neighborhoods, Gramercy Park is a slice of heaven to those who can afford it. Bordered at the south by 14th Street and at the north end by 30th, this eastside oasis surrounds a private park between 20th and 21st Streets. Only those who live in the 40 or so buildings that face the park are allowed entry.

The Flatiron District is a very small area neighboring Gramercy, and is named for the famous triangular-shaped building at 23rd Street where Fifth Avenue intersects Broadway. It is mainly a commercial area, and is sometimes called the toy district thanks to the large number of toy manufacturers there. It is also sometimes referred to as Midtown South. The official Flatiron borders are 14th and 30th Streets, between Sixth Avenue and Park Avenue.

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