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Madison Avenue Apartments


Streets history

Madison Avenue is a north-south avenue New York City. It runs from Madison Square (at 23rd Street) to the Madison Avenue Bridge at 138th Street. In doing so, it passes through Midtown, Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Spanish Harlem, and Harlem. The street is named after Madison Square, which is itself named after James Madison. James Madison was the fourth President of the United States.

Madison Avenue was not yet a part of  the New York City street grid in year 1811, Only  Later in year 1836 the street was carved between Park Avenue (formerly know as Fourth Avenue) and Fifth Avenue.

Madison Avenue was originally created with traffic going in two directions Uptown (Northbound)  and Downtown (southbound) There was a change of traffic patter that took place in early 1966 and now only has traffic heading in direction, Traffic head uptown traffic from 23rd Street to 135th Street.

Madison Avenue has often been referred to as the ladies mile. It is quite obvious as to why, Just one walk down the strip and you can find abundance of spas, salons, and the nearby Madison avenue mall, quite the haven for any would be shoppers, and those wishing for a day of relaxation.

Madison Square

Madison Square, located in the Flatiron district, is one of the historically most important squares in New York City. The attractive 19th century Madison Square Park is surrounded by historic landmarks from the Gilded Age, including Flatiron building, Metlife Tower and the Woolworth.

Madison square was originally designed for public use in the late 1840’s. shortly after that time did the area start going thru a major change .It was in the late 1850’s when the Hotels, advertising and retail industries really start making its way into the area at that point it took about 20-25 year till the area became what was know as “the Lady’s Mile” it was again only a matter of time until the shops started moving uptown.


The Madison Avenue Bridge crosses the Harlem River connecting Manhattan with East Bronx. It was designed by Alfred P. Boller and built in 1910 to replace and double the capacity of another earlier swing bridge dating from 1884.

The Madison Avenue Bridge provides two way traffic between Manhattan and the Bronx. The bridge carries approximately 45,000 vehicles per day according to the (NYCDOT) In 1994, the NYCDOT began a reconstruction of the existing Madison Avenue Bridge. The structural rehabilitation work was done. The final part of the project involves repainting the bridge, and was completed in May of 2005.

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