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Apartment Rentals near NYC Museums

Welcome!  The Big Apple prides itself in so many attractions at which both residents and visitors alike can marvel. When it comes to accommodations in the best New York City neighborhoods, apartments are available to cater to the housing needs of individuals moving to the city.  One of the major attractions in NYC is museums, as the city plays host to some of the oldest and significant museums in the United States. There are many museums in New York City, including those that cater to children to ensure that both parents and their youngsters have fun while learning.

For those of you looking for rental apartments in NYC’s Big Apple, The Direct Loft, which is located at 120 East 73rd Street, is said to be the perfect match, mainly because of its location between Lexington and Park Avenue.  This building features all modern amenities and is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  This is a strategic place to tour all the major NYC Museums. In fact, this location is called “Museum Mile” due to its location near these facilities of art and culture.

A brisk few block walk ushers you to NYC’s Famous Central Park and the America Museum of Natural History.  Established over 120 years ago, this iconic museum is recognized worldwide as the home of Science and Research.  Apartments in this area are attractive and comfortable, and the proximity to the museums is an added plus. It is often said that “children are the future.”  Whereby teaching them culture early, is the best way to train them.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is proud to offer our future generation, a taste of culture and art. Those who wish for their children to participate - will find excellent accommodations in apartments close by the facility. One of the notable apartments is in Crown Heights. Carroll Gardens of Brooklyn is another apartment building worth checking out, which is in close proximity to the amazing museum for children.

You may also consider accommodations at Prospect Heights, which will give them the opportunity to traverse the museum.  The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is yet another attraction that will provide a blended culture and art to the young generation. This provides the complete and full learning experience where children get to participate in various exciting activities.  A vacation rental in Barkley Park will cater to the needs of families touring New York City. Not only is this rental apartment breathtaking, but also very convenient when you want to visit the museum.  In Uptown Harlem, families can also find beautiful vacation rentals for their trips. These apartments come with a garden in the back yard that makes “play time” with children lots of fun! For the museum lovers, The East Village and Lower East Side at Noho is also a great place to consider for renting or buying an apartment.   

The New York Hall of Science is another place popular with science families. Apartments in Woodside, Queens will provide a homely comfort near the museum. Apartment rentals on the Upper East Side also provide a home for people touring the New York Hall of Science.

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